Illustration Design system

Galactic Garrison

When your miniature painting hobby get's too expensive, you build your own set of illustrations on Figma, build a component library, make it flexible and easy to use for newbies and share it with the community.

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Personal Project


Warhammer is a wargaming miniature hobby. It has a gigantic community filled with amazingly talented artists and enthusiasts.
Buying paints and miniatures is very expensive, so I decided to build my own way of building soldiers and share it with the community.

The results:

The library is a side project for me and has been slowly coming together the past year.
I am passionate about illustration and Warhammer 40K so I thought I could invest my time and skills into a project that can be openly shared with an extremely supportive and enthusiastic community as it is the Warhammer community.

The reception on Reddit surpassed any of my expectations . It was what pushed me to develop this project a bit further.
I am aiming to release a V1.0 on the community tab of Figma.

Case study is currently under construction

I know you're hiring, and I've applied, and we both love iterative work. So give me a few more days until I got a fancy, well structured and not overly long explanation of what I did for Galactic Garrison, my personal project.

But lucky for the both of us, this is a live product. So go and check it now!

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